Keep Your Fireplace, Hearth & Home Safe with Regular Cleanings

Wood and gas fireplaces, as well as wood and gas stoves, add class and charm to your indoor living space. Simple maintenance and cleaning will go a long way to keeping them looking great and ensuring they heat your home effectively.

Wood Fireplace Cleaning

Cleaning your wood fireplace regularly is a must for safe operation. Many folks in Wausau and North Central Wisconsin make this part of their regular fall cleaning schedule.

This annual cleaning process, however, does not replace having your chimney cleaned and inspected by a professional. It’s also a good idea to have the chimney sweep do the stack cleaning before you do your home cleaning.



Professional Cleaning and Inspections Keep Your Products Running Efficiently

Many cleaning jobs can be performed by homeowners, but when the project becomes too large or you are simply too busy, don’t stress. Call the professionals from Merrill Sheet Metal Works. As a family-owned business, we go the extra mile to be sure things are done the right way. It’s a philosophy that that’s been handed down from our grandfather.


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