Issues with your Fireplace remote?

Issues with your Fireplace remote?

If you experience issues with your remote controls, we recommend trying the following:

•    The orientation of the remote matters (pointed up, sideways, or down). These wall mounted remotes perform best if it is positioned vertically (placed on a wall or on its edge). Wall remotes placed vertically on the wall perform better than when placed flat on a table.

•    Move the remote inside the room to a different location. Each room has unique radio “acoustics”. Some building materials will reflect the signal while other materials may absorb the signal. That is why you may find dead spots or zones that do not work within the expected range. Often by switching the location of the remote, its performance will improve noticeably. This process may require several attempts before a suitable location is found.

•    Make sure the remote is away from any radio emitter (RF signal). Radio emitters include computer routers, repeaters, wireless phone transmitters, etc. Certain remotes improve when relocated away from radio emitters, especially when they are on a frequency similar to the remote (315mhz).

•    Place the remote closer to the appliance. This may sound like a silly request but the remote only has a range of approximately 10' to 20', depending upon room size and other factors mentioned above.