Radiant Plus™

Gas Stoves & Inserts

  • Engineered to provide comforting RADIANT heat PLUS Natural Convection, delivering optimum warmth throughout your home. RADIANT heat is the cozy, satisfying warmth you can actually feel from any source of heat, such as sitting in front of a campfire or soaking up the rays of the sun. NATURAL CONVECTION occurs as room air in the convection chamber is heated. This heated air rises, drawing cooler room air into the chamber, which in turn heats up and circulates around the firebox continuously.
  • Radiant Plus = Reasonably Priced. MORE HEAT FOR LESS MONEY; that’s more features and benefits than any other value-priced gas stoves or inserts available, making them both a beautiful and economical way to heat your home!
  • Dancing-Fyre™ Burner and Classic Log Set are incredibly realistic and mimic an actual wood burning fire, right down to the flame
    pattern, highly detailed logs and glowin gember bed.
  • Easy to operate manual controls.
  • Your choice of either a Standing Pilot Millivolt control or a GreenSmart® Basic (IPI) control system. (Radiant Plus Gas Stoves are only available as Standing Pilot Millivolt control.)
  • All Radiant Plus™ Millivolt models do not require power to operate.
  • Three-sided wraparound bay windowfireview on Premium Gas Stoves offers a unique and timeless presentation of fire, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the fire from any angle in the room.
  • Award winning high definition Ember-Fyre® Burner features realistic logs, glowing embers and the most wood-like fire of any gas stove or insert.
  • Revolutionary GreenSmart™ System. All models feature the revolutionary GreenSmart™ gas burner system. This is the latest in energy-efficient gas technology that heats the home while saving on energy usage and lowering heating bills. The real power of the GreenSmart™ system is the entire collection of components, controls and technology features.
  • Comfort Control™ that allows you to turn off the rear burner for less heat, providing year-round enjoyment of the fire.
  • Standard convection fan will enhance the transfer of the natural radiant and convective heat throughout your home.
  • Choice of pilot ignition modes – Choose GreenSmart™ Pilot setting to save money or Continuous Pilot during winter months where a heated chimney is needed to maintain the draft to ensure proper operation.
  • Standard Accent Lights add a glowing light in the interior of the firebox and can be used even when the fire is off.