Keep Your Fireplace, Hearth & Home Safe with Regular Cleanings

Are you starting to notice smoke backing up into your living space when you burn a fire? If so, you are experiencing chimney drafting problems. Whether it is being caused by problems in your firebox, flue, or liner, the professionals at Merrill Sheet Metal Works will find the solution. We repair and replace fireboxes, clean flue blockages, and install chimney caps, which can solve chimney drafting issues.

Are stones or bricks on the surround crumbling or have your noticed cracks in the firebox? If the mortar joints in a firebox are crumbling, the old mortar will need to be chiseled out and replaced with new.



This process is known as tuckpointing and it requires lots of skill. If the integrity of the majority of the firebrick and mortar in the firebox is in question, have a qualified chimney sweep inspect it. If replacement is in order, the job is best left to professionals, like the technicians at Merrill Sheet Metal.


Is the glass in your fireplace doors cloudy or cracked? Maybe they are old or in poor condition so they are not working efficiently and letting pollutants into your home. From glass door repair to replacement, the experts at Merrill Sheet Metal can get the project completed quickly and efficiently.


Perhaps you are having issues getting the pilot light to operate correctly. If you have made sure you have an adequate gas supply and are getting spark to light the flame, your issue is best handled by a professional to prevent potential problems. Contact one of our specialists, to ensure the safe operation of your gas fireplace or stove.


If the pilot light seems to light but then goes out quickly, it could be that the wire in the lower grill of the fireplace needs to be replaced. Thermopiles on gas fireplaces need to be replaced every few years, another job that a certified chimney sweep should perform.


What to Do If You Smell Gas

  • As soon as you suspect there may be a gas leak, stop using all appliances, electrical switches, and phones.
  • Leave the building immediately.
  • Call the gas company from a neighbor’s phone or your cell phone. Follow any instructions they may give you.
  • If you cannot reach your gas supplier, call the fire department.

Installation and service of gas fireplaces and stoves should always be performed by a professional. The technicians at Merrill Sheet Metal have the experience and knowledge to install gas fireplaces, furnaces, and stoves correctly, and handle repairs.



Annual Maintenance Which Includes Repairs Helps Ensure Your Product Will Last for Years

Whether you have a new wood or gas fireplace or stove, or an older unit that has been in service for years, they all need annual maintenance and cleaning. Rely on the hearth specialists at Merrill Sheet Metal. We not only clean the units, we inspect them and verify the integrity of the unit and the flue helping to ensure safe operation. We provide honest opinions about whether you should repair or replace your current units, as our company philosophy is “There’s Comfort in Honesty.”

And should we find the equipment in need of repair, we will provide an accurate quote, we guarantee it. With our quotes, there are no surprises or added charges. It’s part of our 100 percent SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.

With a little TLC, your heating equipment will not only stay beautiful, but perform flawlessly.


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